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The service dedicated to relocating expatriates
to Paris and Lyon regions


Real estate research


Definition of your needs.
Market study and project feasibility (to ensure that our search matches your requirements on location, price and property configuration ensure compliance for location, price and property configuration).
Establishment of a search mandate (an official authorization to search for a property on your behalf).
(Research fees of 1.9% including tax of the purchase price).




Establishment of a search mandate for a short-term lease rental property until the completion of your property acquisition..
Moving service (on a quote basis).
Renovation, decoration, reconfiguration (we can provide quotes for work and put you in touch with a wide range of subcontractors — builders, plumbers, electricians, kitchen and bathroom designers, painters and decorators).
Planning and decoration consultancy services (quotes and contacts with interior designers).


Practical life


We can set up, on your behalf, establishment of telephone, gas and electricity services as required (free of charge under an exclusive search mandate).
Analysis of the school map, provision of a list of schools with their ratings per area (free of charge under an exclusive search mandate).
Advisory services for the spouse concerning her/his work opportunities (on a quote basis from our partner).




Mortgage feasibility (free of charge as part of our exclusive search mandate).
Search for the best mortgage offers on the market with our broker partners (on a quote basis).

« After 20 years of experience as an expatriate in Europe, Asia and South America, I can advise and support you in your real estate project to ensure your successful relocation to France ».
Muriel (freelance consultant)


Contact Muriel, our expatriation specialist
06 52 74 05 18

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